Changing our clocks twice a year has proven to be hazardous to our health and public safety. The California Democratic Party is recommending a YES vote on Proposition 7.

UPDATE: LA Times Editorial Board endorses Proposition 7! Read the editorial.

Proposition 7 is a required step in the process to stop the biannual time changes that harm health and safety of workers and their families.

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Workplace Injuries:

A survey of U.S. Department of Labor workplace injury data between 1983 and 2006 showed that, compared to typical workdays, on-the-job injuries increase by 5.7% on the few days following the “spring forward” time change as a result of less sleep.

Traffic Accidents:

Data show deadly vehicle accidents increase on the Monday after the “spring forward” clock shift jumped to 83.6 per day compared to a typical Monday deadly accident rate of 78.2.

Deadly Medical Emergencies:

Losing an hour of sleep has resulted in a 25% spike in heart attacks over the few days following the “spring forward” time change. Additionally researchers found strokes are 8% more likely to occur in the two days following the “spring forward” time change, with that figure jumping to 25% among people with cancer and 20% for those age 65 or older.

The federal government and states dabbled in biannual time changes as early as the First World War, when President Woodrow Wilson promoted the practice to mimic a trend among European countries to conserve fuel. Studies consistently show that no significant fuel conservation occurs as a result of the time change between daylight saving time and standard time. Biannual time changes are harmful to workers and families, and are an out of date practice that add no significant value to California.

Vote YES on Proposition 7.

Endorsed by the California Democratic Party.

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